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What brings people to counselling?

People of all ages, from all backgrounds, seek counselling for a wide variety of reasons.

You may be faced with a life changing situation that has caused feelings of shock or grief. You may be experiencing increased anxiety, feelings of depression or low self esteem, without truly understanding why. You may be experiencing difficulties within a significant relationship, which are causing you concern or negative feelings. You may be experiencing extreme feelings such as anger, shame, guilt or loneliness that are keeping you stuck in an uncomfortable place and affecting your well-being.

Below are some examples of issues that clients may bring to counselling, which you may find helpful to read.

Some of the issues described may have elements that you feel you can relate to, although it is also important to remember that your own experiences may feel very different to those described, so please do email or call to discuss your own unique experiences and hopes for counselling.

Common Issues. Depression


Depression affects people in many different ways, and can cause a wide range of troubling and confusing emotional and physical symptoms. Some sufferers report feeling very sad and hopeless. Some close themselves off from their friends and families. Many no longer find enjoyment in the activities that they used to love.
The cause of depression may be immediately obvious to some, whilst others may not know why they are feeling so down.
Living with depression can be very difficult for both sufferers, and for those around them. It can have a negative impact on many areas of life such as, relationships, work, school, and general well-being.

Often, depression is confusing to those affected by it, but counselling can help you to explore your thoughts and feelings, working towards understanding them, and feeling better.

Common Issues. Anxiety


It is normal to feel anxious from time to time. Feeling anxious can be a natural response to situations such as sitting an exam, or attending a job interview. You may notice physical sensations, such as a faster heart rate, or a churning stomach, that pass once you are no longer in the stressful situation.
Sometimes though we can feel overwhelmed with anxiousness, and this can be accompanied by unpleasant physical sensations such as nausea, chest pains, pounding heart, or a shortness of breath. These sensations can remain even after the stressful situation has passed, or they can be triggered in situations we never used to find stressful. Anxiety can make it difficult to switch off our thoughts and worries which can then have an impact on daily life, sleep and our relationships.

If you feel that anxiety is having an increased impact on your life, then counselling can help you to explore these feelings, begin to understand the physical sensations that you are experiencing, and regain control.

Common Issues. Relationships


We are sociable beings, good relationships that provide positive and meaningful interactions, are important to our wellbeing. This explains why our happiness, and even our health, can be badly affected when relationships go wrong.
Perhaps a significant relationship has ended and you would like to understand why. Maybe you are feeling stuck in an unhappy relationship and wish to leave, or you fear that your partner will leave you. Maybe you have experienced an abusive relationship, and now feel ready to explore the feelings that this has left you with.
It may feel like change is scary or impossible, and that finding the right way to start trusting and talking to someone would be difficult. Should you choose to start counselling, we will work at your pace and talk about the things that you feel ready to share.

Counselling can help you to explore and understand your relationship issues, allowing you to make sense of your experiences, and move forwards with your life.

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